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Important Letters


Important Letters for Government Employees and officers

Here you will get the important letters for government employees. The knowledge of these letter must for a educated person. These letters are of the type Children Education allowance, Letter Regarding DOB Change (Principal can change the date of birth if student is not enrolled in board), SSA Maternity Leave HRA withdrawal letter, Work Load of TGT PGT Head Master and Principal, School Time Table, Instructions for Partial Withdrawal of NPS etc.
Important Letters for Govt. employees/officers
Children Education Allowance Grant First letter
Children Education Allowance revised from 500 to 750.
Revised from 750 to 1125.
Children Education Allowance Receipt not require.
Children Education Allowance for third Child.
Child below 5 Years of age.
Children Education Allowance If Child is study in Polytechnics or Diploma Courses
Children Education Allowance Clarification Letter.
Letter regarding Medical Allowance revised from 500 to 1000.
Letter regarding Special Leave provision for Blood Donor.
DOB Change (Principal can change the date of birth if student is not enrolled in board)
Letter regarding Functional Power of HTs And DDOs.
Instructions for Partial Withdrawal of NPS
Allowance for deaf and dumb employees
Allowance for Special Child Care for differently abled woman
Guideline for Workload of PGT, TGT
Work allocation/workload for PGT
Letter regarding period Condon of Guest Teachers
Clarification of Guest Teacher Salary by Union
Re-engagement policy for retired Teachers
Re-engagement agreement for retired Teachers
Letter Regarding Re-engagement Teacher portal
DC Rate list for Tent Material
Minimum amount for Quotations and Tender
Teacher Transfer policy 2017



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