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LTC, TA/DA, JBJ File, Forms and Rules

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In this chapter we will get files, applications, letters and Performa on LTC, JBJ and TA DA, Application for LTC Complete file, Letter Regarding Clarification of LTC, JBJ (journey beyond Judicial) Performa, JBJ Sanction Performa, TA/DA Bill Performa.

LTC, TA/DA, JBJ File, Forms and Rules
Application for LTC Complete file.(Coming Soon)
Letter Regarding Clarification of LTC.
JBJ (journey beyond Judicial) Performa.
JBJ Sanction Performa.
TA/DA Bill Performa.
TA/DA Rates for Government Employees and officers


  1. Any rule if a person not apply for LTC IN BLOCK PERIOD.ACTUALLY FOR BLOCK 16-19 my father not applied.

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  3. Please add complete file of LTC

  4. Add LTC FILE complete



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