Income Tax Calculator

Income Tax Calculator 2018-19

There are two Income Tax Calculators on this page 1st for Guest Teachers and other for all other teachers/Govt. employee.

How to use this software/calculator:
  • This software is made in MS-excel including all formulas following income tax rules.
  • Download the software given below in this page.
  • It contains three sheets as shown in the following image.

  • in excel formatFirst of all you will see 1st sheet i.e. introduction sheet.
  • Fill Your Name, Post and other details like Basic Pay, Insurance, GPF or New Pension Scheme (NPS) Deductions etc
  • Check each row carefully.
  • Then click on sheet no. 2 i.e. Statement. You will see that you salary statement is automatically generated.
  • Compare this statement with your official salary statement, Both will be same. However, if there is any difference you can edit the statement sheet of this calculator.
  • Finally click on sheet no. 3 i.e. Tax and find the amount of balance tax to be paid.
  • Fill this amount in the month of Jan paid in Feb or Feb. paid in March.
  • Check again Tax sheet. You will see Balance tax to be paid is zero.
  • You can print your salary statement and Tax Calculation Performs and Form 16.

  • Income Tax Calculator 2018-19

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    1. What is the password for excel sheet
      As I am unable to print the sheet column in one page

    2. dear sir, your service is excellent.
      Please upload 10E form excel sheet for tax calculation.
      please give the 10E FORM wef 2005-06 to 2017-18

    3. Keep posting the good work. Some really helpful information in there. Bookmarked. Nice to see your site. Thanks!business personal tax

    4. Old send tax calculator for ay 2018-2019 and fy 2019-2020.

    5. send tax calculator for ay 2018-2019 and fy 2019-2020.

    6. Upload tax calculator for ay 2018-2019 and fy 2019-2020.

    7. Upload tax calculator for ay 2018-2019 and fy 2019-2020

    8. Upload tax calculator for ay 2018-2019 and fy 2019-2020

    9. R/Sir/Madam,
      Tax calculator for fy 2018-2019 and fy 2019-2020 made by you, the salary statement exit in Excel format does not match with actual salary statement i.e. March, 2018 to Feb., 2019. Because Education Allowance and Medical Allowance different given by the Govt. during the some month. The total difference in Education Allowance and Medical Allowance is shown Rs, 1750/- (Two Children). Jai Kishan Sharma, Clerk, Haryana Roadways, Bhiwani 94674-28200 email ID

    10. Dear sir, please upload tax calculation software of Financial year 2019-20

    11. Please also upload income tax calculator for pensioners of haryana government.

    12. form 10e is for male candidate it is not for female.


    14. Pleaae send medical reimberesment case in excel form software.HBA LOAN ITS INTEREST AND PRINCIPAL CALCULATOR

    15. Thanks sir for this information
      The Darshika 

    16. What about the people who forget filing their income tax return, IRS going to take action against them? I was reading research on income tax paper onTaxcroc blog post and read in detail about it.