Income Tax Calculator 2017-18

There are two Income Tax Calculators on this page 1st for Guest Teachers and other for all other teachers/Govt. employee.

How to use this software/calculator:
  • This software is made in MS-excel including all formulas following income tax rules.
  • Download the software given below in this page.
  • It contains three sheets as shown in the following image.

  • in excel formatFirst of all you will see 1st sheet i.e. introduction sheet.
  • Fill Your Name, Post and other details like Basic Pay, Insurance, GPF or New Pension Scheme (NPS) Deductions etc
  • Check each row carefully.
  • Then click on sheet no. 2 i.e. Statement. You will see that you salary statement is automatically generated.
  • Compare this statement with your official salary statement, Both will be same. However, if there is any difference you can edit the statement sheet of this calculator.
  • Finally click on sheet no. 3 i.e. Tax and find the amount of balance tax to be paid.
  • Fill this amount in the month of Jan paid in Feb or Feb. paid in March.
  • Check again Tax sheet. You will see Balance tax to be paid is zero.
  • You can print your salary statement and Tax Calculation Performs and Form 16.
  • Income Tax Calculator (For Employee other than Guest Teacher/Fixed Salary) 
    Tax Calculator (For Guest Teachers)

    Income Tax Form Blank pdf

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    1. What is the password for excel sheet
      As I am unable to print the sheet column in one page